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Not convinced?

Here are some testimonials from current clients:

"I met Yanique when she subbed at the Westside Y and it was the best thing that could have happened to me because she became my trainer. I have been in the gym since the '90s and this is the best trainer I've ever had. She's focused, thorough, knows the human body and she's fun to work with. When my session is over, there is no question that I worked - I am drenched in sweat. She makes me feel and look strong. I get so many compliments about my new look. Yanique is fantastic! She works me hard, but the result is oh so there to see!"


"Yanique has been my trainer for four years. She is enjoyable to work with, observant and a great diagnostician of of your strengths and areas that need work next. I recently included my two children - 11 and 14 - in the sessions. She is a natural in motivating kids. They look forward to and have enjoyed each session."

- David

"Yanique has a gift for working with teenagers. Unflappable, deeply kowledgeable, and a source of steady encouragement, she knows just how to motivate the most reluctant and self-conscious adolescent. Even the most difficult teen will find him- or herself responding to her quiet strength. An inspriation, both physically and emotionally."

- Theresa, mother of 17 year-old and 14 year-old trainees

"Yanique has a quiet but firm way of approaching the task of enhancing my physical fitness. As a 57 year old professor, at best, I am ambivalent about having to exercise but desire the results that come with combing cardio and strength training. Yanique comes to our sessions with a prepared plan, a warm smile and determination to make every session count. I am now in the best shape I have ever been, and I know that in large part this is due to Yanique's skills in personal training an bringing out the best in me."


"Since February 2018 I have been taking weekly sessions with Yanique specifically to improve my strength and coordination as a competitive long distance runner in my early 60's. Her coaching and customized exercises keep producing invaluable outcomes. Each week, I notice the strengthening effects of her exercises, in particular, in certain parts of my body that were rarely engaged in other conditioning classes. Each week I learn something new about training or highly effective exercises. I have had past experience training with coaches and on my own, but Yanique added another dimension to my training, not only because she had past experience as a track and field athlete, but also through her solid knowledge, teaching method, constant feedback, weekly adjustments to take me one step further, positiveness, encouragement, explanations leading to good form, tips on how not to get injuries, just to mention a few. I have been placing my fitness goals at a high level, and Yanique has definitely helped me reach them."


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